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Come on everybody! -- Fun sports notes

Publish:2019-5-9 16:11:09     Hits:317

April 27, 2019, the second enterprise workers fun games of RiZhao economic development zone was held in the Huanghai High School Stadium. Eight o 'clock in the bright morning of wheatgrass April, the Sino-Ocean team marched on the field on time.



The Sino-ocean team members dressed uniform with high spirit and participated in the competition for the first time participated in the tug-of-war competition, the grand exhibition, the kangaroo transport, the courage, the penguin walk, the miles, the strategizing, the 4×100m relay, the men’s 1500m race and so on.  It covers almost all the competitions set up in this sports meeting.



During the competition, the young partners are aggressive and work together.  Seriously study the rules before the game, nervously discuss the strategy of the game, all the players unite their thoughts and go forward!  The hard work pays off, and after all the hard work of the team members, we have completed all kinds of competitions in a standardized manner, and rushed into the top eight in two projects.


Interesting rules and team competitions allow everyone to experience the spirit of collaboration in laughter.  The “kangaroos carry melons” and the “penguins wandering” in the witty game movements have drawn everyone's laughter; the great achievements and the miles of the miles require more than personal strength, more emphasis on teamwork and wisdom, and comprehensive assessment in advance.  Think about it in one place, and go to one place to complete the game smoothly.


The men's 1,500-meter race is a double test of endurance and speed and is one of the most interesting projects on the field.  Also focused on all the concerns of our team, in the warm cheers, our company Song Yilong achieved a fifth place.



At 12 o'clock in the afternoon, with the end of various events, the sports meeting also came to a close. In addition to the awards of the competition, our company also won the honorary title of “Excellent Organization Award”.