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Happy "61" forever maintain childlike heart

Publish:2018-6-6 9:26:39     Hits:598

New China's first international children's day
On June 1, 1950, new China's new owners ushered in the first international children's day. Children are the future of our country. However, before liberation, the children of working people were deprived of their right to accept education and their happy childhood. After the founding of new China, the party and the government attached great importance to the healthy growth of children.

Despite the shortage of material conditions and difficulties in the early days of liberation, the CPC central committee still attached great importance to the all-round development of children. November 1949, the international democratic women's federation council decided that June 1 for the international children's day.

The newly established central people's government of the People's Republic of China has decided to designate this day as a Chinese children's day. Since then, every year to the "June 1", various forms of activities have been organized all over the country to celebrate the festivals of young children.

Children are the future of our country and the hope of our nation.

Huahai babies are the future and hope of the Chinese people, "June 1" children's day company prepared beautiful gifts for the children, I wish them happy holidays, healthy growth; I also wish all the Chinese haitians keep their childlike innocence, happy every day!

Here are some cute pictures of the baby.