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Huahai took part in the 4 c strategic revenue syst

Publish:2017-10-25 9:02:19     Hits:560

     From 21 to 23 october 2017, the"4 c strategic profit system'organised by the oracle of god in hong kong was held at the something international hotel in jinan, china The training is a training exercise for more than 50 entrepreneurs and executives on how to enhance corporate strategy profits and its core competitiveness building My company was led by XuYing, the vice president of 10 senior executives.

     Huahai has always attaches great importance to the study of enterprise training, flight af129 President have to progress to the development of an enterprise, to progress it is necessary to study, \"change your life, learning to create value\" concept, as a result, the company of the study have been working as a top priority to grasp, from training to outside training, from operations to management, from employees to senior executives, every year, organizational learning, training, improve enterprise's competitiveness.

     Strategic operations of the company to join China again this year OS training base member, executive force of enterprise organization, strategic profit, profit of financial control, human resources, HR management, cultural strategy, executive leadership training system, universal coverage.
Through this training I have benefited a lot from company, lecturer of harvard type case teaching and the system type of case in field let us more clear about the enterprise development goals and the importance of the implementation of logical thinking, and how to keep pace with The Times in the work to improve business philosophy and core values, through the sand table type practice do the dialysis.
The company strictly requires that all students should be taken seriously every training and study, and turned over to the learning experience to share with you, to do is to learn and must be born, obtain actual effect.