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Sino-ocean Lanshan

Add: 3 rd Floor of Lanshan International Building, No.509 of Lanshan East Road, Lanshan District, Rizhao, shandong
Zip: 276808
Fax: 0633-2239588
E-mail: lanshan@sino-ocean.cn

Agency Dept
Operator Tel: 0633-2238870
Boarding Tel: 0633-2238867 / 2231880

Forwarding Dept
Customs Declaration Tel: 0633-2239518
Inspection Declaration Tel: 0633-2231881
Draft Survey Tel: 0633-2231890


Lanshan port, located in the north shore of Haizhou Bay, Yellow Sea, has 12 productive berths form 5,000 DWT to 200,000 DWT, 11 of which are exceed 10,000 DWT. At present, the port mainly handles iron ore, nickel ore, coal, steel products, logs, bulk grain, etc. Lanshan port is the key development area of Shandong province Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, the core area of Shandong South Port Industrial Zone and the location of Shandong competitive iron and steel base. 

Landbridge port is located in the north of Lanshan port, total 19 berths as planing. It currently owned 2 liquefied chemicals berths and 3 general cargo berths, 100,000 DWT vessel can free entering and leaving; The structure of 200,000 DWT bulk berth has been completed, It is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2014 ; 300,000 DWT ore berth is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2015 .