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Sino-ocean Yantai

Add: Room 503, No.7 of Sanshui Business Building, Xinan Street No.17, Zhi fu Street, Yantai, Shandong
Zip: 264000
Fax: 0535-6663591

Agency Dept
Tel: 0535-6663590
E-mail: yantai@sino-ocean.cn

Yantai Port consists of four port areas, Zhifu Bay Port Area, Western Port Area, Longkou Port Area and Penglai Port Area. Yantai Port has 88 berths in total, among those 45 berths are of over 10,000 tons. The maximum depth of berth is -20m. Among them, Zhifu Bay Port Area is the core area of the current, mainly handles container, ro-ro transportation and operation of general and bulk cargo, like iron ore,
coal, grain, fertilizer, steel, etc. There are 50 berths, 27 of which are rated above 10,000 tons with the main channel depth of –17m. The Western Area is the central for the planned construction and development of Yantai Port. The main general and bulk cargo operation transferred to the Western Area. It consists of 5 operation zones, liquid-chemical-petroleum product zone, general cargo zone, break bulk cargo zone,crude oil zone and container zone. Sixty-five berths of 50,000-300,000 tons are to be built up, with the depth of the wharf apron of -26m. Penglai Port Area mainly operates timber, mineral building materials, coal and Penglai to Lushun ro-ro service. It has 8 production berths, 3 of which are over 10,000 tons.