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Sino-ocean Tangshan

Add: 2nd Floor of the Tangshan Port Building, Port Economic Development Zone, Tangshan, Hebei
Zip: 063611
Fax: 0315-2910946

Agency Dept
Tel: 0315-2910021
E-mail: tangshan@sino-ocean.cn

Tangshan Port divided into Jingtang Port district and Caofeidian port district.Jingtang Port district navigation channel depth: -19.50 meters, hign tide 2.24M lowest tide 0.03M, averagehigh tide:1.63M,Total have 33 berths for 15,000-100,000 DWT including dry bulk, dry general , multi-purpose, container, coal special,specialcement, liquefied petroleum gas and etc, through capacity 150 million tons, and max allow 200,000 DWT vessel enter or leaving the port. The main cargo as coal, cement, grain, steel, ores,soda ash, salt and other bulkand general cargo.
Caofeidian port district now been completed and plans to build 4 berths for 250,000 DWT - 400,000 DWT ore berths, and 1 berth for 300,000 DWT crude oil terminal,16 berths for 50,000 DWT-100,000 DWT coal terminaland so on. Channel draft restrictions of -25 meters, the main cargo is imported iron ore.