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About Us
SINO-OCEAN Philosophy

Corporate Vision To be the excellent benchmarking of the shipping and forwarding agent, Building a century brand

Corporate Mission Serve the customer, Make the staff successful, Repay the society

Core Values Commercial morals、Customer valune、Order to result、Opening shares

Corporate Spirits To be earlier than to do, Sincerity wins the customers, Details determine success or failure, Innovation achieves the future

Management Philosophy Team cooperation, People-oriented, Exquisite and high efficiency

Business Philosophy Credibility, Practicality, Efficiency, Innovation; Be respectable Be credible, Create together, Win-win develop

Talent Concept Be loyal and aspiring, Right person in right position, Virtue and ability of same importance

Service Concept Create value-added services to customers, let them to be satisfied, touched and loyal

Quality Concept Quality is the life of the corporate. Customers’ satisfaction is the corporate quality objectives

Learning Concept Learning changes life. Learning creates value

Brand logo interpretation:
1.The overall type of design is rectangle, boxy, a reflection that most SOA’s customers are industrial and mining enterprises, traders with bulk cargo priority and container corporations . It also highlights SOA personnel are solid, reliable, sincere , upright, generous and resolute. There are two openings up and down between sail and rectangle, showing pioneering, innovation, unconventionally and wide business.

2.Two white sails in the center of design voyage in the blue sea.It has multiple meanings: the shape of two sails are deformations of two “H” which are HUAHAI’s initials as Chinese Phonetic alphabet. Sails stress industrial characteristics between SOA and sea. Shipping and forwarding agency constitute two main businesses of SOA, just like two vessels neck to neck. It’s also a symbolization of faster increasing business.

3.SOA is abbreviation of SINO-OCEAN AGENCY. Red point in the middle of letter“O”like a fervent heart representatives the integrity and enthusiasm of serving all customers, the first founder Rizhao city “sun city”- the first place sunrise lights and prosperous business.